'Awaken Your Inner Artist'

So you think a painting class sounds like fun,

but you tell yourself "I can't even draw a stick man".

Perfect, we won't be drawing any stick men!

My goal as your instructor, is to help you to 'see' like an artist.

By this, I mean seeing past all the detail and identifying only what matters. What is significant enough to paint. When I begin a painting my eye goes directly to the darker areas. So I load my brush with the darkest value of the colour for that area and paint the 'shape' of that colour. Next I identify the mid value, paint that shape and continue to the lightest. Then it's a matter of bringing all these shapes together.

Looking at the image above, count four students from the left and five paintings from the left. This was her very first painting! I've seen these results over and over again and it could be you!

These workshops are perfect for the absolute beginner and anyone looking to expand their skills. With that said, I must add, that I learn from my students as well.

Don't be intimidated. Come out and 'Awaken Your Inner Artist'!