Now you can enjoy a night out with your friends, right here in INNISFIL.

Where? The Stone Grille Restaurant in Stroud!
Just $30 per person, for 2 and 1/2 hours a painting fun!
A minimum of 15 participants is required, maximum of 20.
 Registration closes June 2nd, 2017.

DON'T MISS OUT, register early!
Please Note: Refreshments are not included in the fee.

Sample of Project to Follow. 

"Thank you so much Lisa! We learned a lot from you tonight and we all had

such an enjoyable evening!" Pat.

Book a Date

Pay a $50 deposit to secure your date

Invite a minimum of 6 guests

Prepare some snacks & drinks

"So fun! Great party and so well thought out.  Lisa was so pleasant and

fun to have at my home! 

Thank you so much!"  Laura.

AWESOME NIGHT! Tons of fun with friends in the comfort of our home!  Excellent teacher!

Thank you for such a wonderful night.  Best Monday night ever!

Thank you so much Lisa!  This was such a blast and I really appreciate your tips - this will stay with me!

Looking for something fun to do with your friends?

It's Easy! 

Here's what YOU need to do...

Stop looking!

Throw A

Palette Party!

$30 per guest for 2 hours of painting fun!

ART that is FINEandFUN!

... Lisa will do the rest!